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Lindsay Lohan Strutting With Her Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo Once More

Lindsay Lohan is obviously in love with Chanel handbags, which is already proven with all the photos we’ve been seeing of her carrying such. She has probably got a hold of almost all the collection of Chanel Handbags. The question is does she buy them, or does she get them for free? Well, it looks good on her though.

The dark themed outfit, including the smeared liner plus the messy hair creates a sophisticated gothic chic arrive. The Chanel bag is a great accessory, although it doesn’t get much attention with her complementing outfit.

But if you think you love the bag, you might probably like the similar Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo in white color which is more of a striking hue. It weighs in for $2,650 which is really hefty, and I bet Lindsay Lohan’s Chanel Bag is likewise expensive.

Sophistication Guaranteed with Chanel Quilted Wristlet Bag

Chanel Black Quilted Patent Leather Wristlet

Going out at a night party with friends or at a high class occasion wouldn’t be perfect without wearing a glamorous outfit. And part of each woman’s over-all attire is a bag where they could stuff their make ups like lip gloss and compact for retouching, and their cell phone, keys and a very small wallet. But carrying a huge handbag would be a hassle in pulling off a sophisticated evening look.

Chanel has an answer to that, but the price of $1,080 may be another problem. The Chanel Black Quilted Patent Leather Wristlet is made of black patent leather with silver hardware. The twisted wristlet handle also has silver tone ring detail which adds elegance to the whole bag.

This wristlet can be worn on the wrist or even on the ankle although that may seem a bit off. And if black is kind of dull for you, there are red, red and white, and gold colors available. With its expensive tag, I’m not sure if this Chanel Black Quilted Patent Leather Wristlet will be a hit or not, since the price can be spent on a much roomy bag.

Classic Meets the City with Chanel’s Quilted Satchel

Chanel Pleated Lambskin Flap Top Satchel

We have not heard anything from Chanel before. Now, they are making a statement with this satchel that we are about to feature. It’s like they’re trying to say that they are here with us and they will continue to pull out more handbags from their designers.

Chanel has really done something unique and good with this bag. Its quilted design gives it a more elegant and sophisticated look. The diamond-shaped quilted design adds luxuriousness to this satchel. This handbag is also made of lambskin in shiny black color. It’s also featuring its flap top opening with zip pockets included inside. It also has a silver tone Chanel logo which finishes the looks of this luxury bag. Measuring at 15 inch wide, 8 inch high and 6.5 inch deep, this handbag also gives you enough room for your essentials. This classic handbag from Chanel really introduces a new style to the city by combining sophistication and classic-ness.

The Luxury bag is a must have for handbag enthusiasts. Get it through the nearest Chanel outlets before they’re out of stock.

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