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Lv bags as a Mother's day gift

Take a look at the calendar: Mothers day really isnt that far away. Unlike holidays like Christmas or Easter, which give you fair warning that theyre coming up, Mothers day tends to sneak up on people, arriving in the middle of the night, without a warning, and making them panic to find the perfect Mothers day gift. Have you figured out what youre getting your mother this Mothers day?! Flowers? A designer handbag? Here are a few great ideas.
The Past
Before you go out and purchase an expensive item, like a designer handbag or a new leather jacket for your mom, think back. Was there a time when you were young where you did something, or broke something, and where you upset your mother horribly? Most of us have those accidents when were young, where we break something that is almost irreplaceable to our parents. In my case it was a china gravy boat " I was pretending that it was a real boat and dropped it. This Mothers day, try to get them something that reminds them of the past. I guarantee youll see a few tears that way.
The Present
When was the last time that your mother had the opportunity to grab her replica handbag and to go out and get pampered? Most mothers, no matter how old they are, dont have the time or the ability to head out and to get pampered. This Mothers day, why not book a full day for your loving mother at a spa? You can get her a massage, a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. Shell walk out of the building looking, and feeling, like a million tax free dollars.
The Future
Are you looking for a way to give your mother something that shell definitely get some use out of? How about a gift certificate to a landscaping business? Most moms would love to do something with their yard, and a gift certificate to a landscaping business ensures that they will not only be able to get the look that theyre after, but that theyll have to spend the money that you give them where you intended it to be spent, instead of them doing something foolish and mom-like by spending the money that you give her back on you (and yes, my mother does that).
There are lots of things that you can get your mom that would mean a lot to her for Mothers day. You can buy her something she needs, something she wants, or something that reminds her of the past. You can buy her a replica designer handbag, or a new leather jacket " there is no limit on what you can do to make your mom happy. If youre truly at a loss for what to do, why not just give her some time? Carve out a full day where you can spend time with her, relaxing, and reminiscing on when you were a young child and where you can let her know how much she means to you.
I hope every mother happy mother's day

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