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Madonna's $471,000 Chanel Bag

Madonna��s $471,000 Chanel Bag
Madonna’s $471,000 Chanel Bag

Now we all love a good Chanel bag, but do you think you could you love one enough to pay $471,000 for it? Well that is how much somebody paid for Madonna’s Chanel bag at the annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit when it was auctioned off. The bag features alligator leather and a clasp studded with 334 diamonds. It was the bag that Madonna carried to the benefit and included everything she carried in the bag including, Shu Uemura blotting paper and lip gloss, lip balm, a magnifying mirror, and throat lozenges.Now I guess this bag has a lot to offer. First off, its simply a beautiful Chanel bag….alligator leather and a diamond clasp. That is definitely a one of a kind bag that not everyone can get. Secondly, this is Madonna's bag! Madonna! The queen of pop! I mean owning anything of hers is pretty awesome, let alone a Chanel bag with all of her belongings in it. Lastly, the money went to benefiting an AIDS charity.

Madonna Chanel Bag
Now, not many of us could pay $471,000 for a Chanel bag, but I guess overall this was a pretty good buy that benefited a great cause. Go Madonna.

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