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Dior discern what is false

Take Dior bag has become the fashion industry on behalf of one of the characteristics of people. Today, Dior handbag styles produced, elegant seductive, it has also become the primary business of copyright pirates in all generic objects. How to identify authentic Dior handbag has become of a scholarship.

[Zip] Genuine Dior heavier weight of metal zipper, fake is relatively light. Genuine Dior heal place is usually separated from sheep's clothing, and using a two-seam.
[Cortex] The new genuine leather must have a special taste, the taste simply can not imitate, if not new, we should feel the leather, leather will be very soft.
[Repair services] Dior for the definition of genuine and imitation goods, very strict, where all the non-store sales as a "fake", not entitled to maintenance services.

There is also one of the most important are: Fasteners!

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