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Chanel AdvertisementCoCo Chanel is a high end designer company, that manufactures a range of luxurious items for the rich, famous and fashionable. The original originator of the CoCo Chanel brand was Gabrielle CoCo Chanel. Gabrielle opened her first millinery shop in 1912, in Paris, France.

Chanel quickly rose to be one of the top fashion designers in france, and changed fashion with her new designs. At this time, the corset was worn by many women, but CoCo Chanel changed the style, from the corset to a much more relaxed, comfortable, and casual elegance look. Her line included many fashion themes, and she manufactured everything from suits, to perfume and costume jewelry.

Very soon, she expanded to the USA, bringing her luxurious styles and materials, opening up shop in New Jersey. CoCo Chanel made her own very unique line, and changed the fashion industry around the world with it. She had much more relaxed fashions, and her line short skirts and handbags, and her fashion line Chanel Advertisementwas very different from the average corset that was very much in fashion during this time.

In the year 1922, Chanel released one of their finest innovations ever, the Chanel no 5 perfume. This perfume is still one of the top selling perfumes today, it became an instant classic with tremedous popularity that stayed for years to come.

Chanel didn't make many handbags in their early days, even though that is mainly what chanel is known for today. Chanel handbags can be seen used by many celeberities, such as Christina Aguilara and Britney Spears. Chanel Handbags normally cost around 1,000 Dollars for the most new and in fashion.

Gabrielle CoCo Chanel died in the year 1971, and after she died the chanel handbag in the fashion industry for a little while. They outsourced for a fashion designer, and they hired a man by the name Karl Lagerfeld, which ended up being an excellent idea by the company. Mr. Lagerfeld brought life and innovation back into the company, adding the signature Double C's logo you seen in the picture to the right.

Chanel Handbags took the world by storm in the early 80's, when the elite in hollywood were soon using them in candid and press photos. Women around the globe wanted to look and be perceived as hollywood icons, so if you were a fashionable woman who could afford it, you could be guaranteed to be clutching a chanel handbag.

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