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Frances Bean Cobain Will Adve

in the fashion(wholesale purses) world there are rumours that daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love will become model spokeswoman of the famous fashion company Chanel .(dropshipping purses ) Fifteen-year-old Frances Bean Cobain has accepted the offer to promote the fashion (Balenciaga purses)brand in 2008, according to Models Blog’s sources.

In an interview for Teen Vogue in 2005, Frances for the first time brought up her position about her personal style of dressing Burberry purses and for the first time she spoke about her parents. A year later, this teenager shot a pictures for ELLE in her father’s clothes: a red jumper and pyjama trousers in this he got married to Courtney.

- I wore his pajamas because he got married in them to my mom in 1992 in Hawaii so I thought they would be cute if I wore them today ... he was too lazy to put on a tux so he got married in pajamas! – said Bean, adding that she owns more than 137 pairs of Chanel purses , 200 pairs of Chloe purses , and many designerCOACH wallet.

Considering who are her parents, this girl surely has the coolest reputation, and her boyfriend, Jack Osbourne, comes from another controversial family.

The punk rock child’s transformation with elegant Dior purses denying her teenage buzzword, surely is the transformation of the year, expected to be much stronger of any other provocative campaigns of famous models. After all – Clothes actually make the man Mens purses, so everything is possible!

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