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obama and louis vuitton

obama was strapping in his standard, a dark well-cut suit. i’m assuming it was made by his reliable Hartmarx but not positive

he looks calm and ready. loved his wool overcoat. next to bush whose looked bulky and oversized, obama looked well-put together

the obama family as always was very attractive


  • inauguration countdown: 1 day!

    omg it’s finally here
    gotta get to bed early to get up early
    here is our hot president just because

    gotta say something about fashion… nice board shorts :)


  • our bold 1st lady

    at first i hated this dress. i hated the texture, and the little cardigan dressed it down too much

    but she took a risk, and the more i stare at it, i think the narciso rodriguez frock is stunning

    tailored perfectly, flattering on her figure

    refreshing after 8 years of laura bush predictability

    and like i said before, i love matching :)


  • obama train!

    the obama express went from philly to DC helping build the anticipation for tuesday. we have a really good-looking presidential team........


    jill biden and michelle obama’s wool coats are very chic
    i have a wool coat with a pleather belt but never wear it. jill just inspried me :)
    love their purple accents

    joe biden’s hair looks a little funny though…

  • inauguration countdown: only 4 days…

    i’m super excited about obama’s inauguration! truthfully, i’ve never watched a presidential inauguration, but i will be up at 6:00am PST to watch the coverage.

    like everyone else, i’m particularly curious about the fashion we’ll see that day. here is my favorite michelle dress that we saw when obama clinched the democratic nomination last june.

    i’ll be looking at michelle and barack’s fashion from now through tuesday


stephen sprouse for LV

this tribute line had huge potential to be ghastly

but they turned out amazing!

i think louis vuitton will attract a new following of younger fashionistas, possibly skaters, and people who shop at stores like huf and the hundreds

i just might be sporting the graffiti speedy if i can bring myself to spend $1200 on a bag. it’ll be released february 2nd; the rose bags are already sold out.

pictures i took at the LV store in san francisco, the street displays and some inside as well as the skateboard:





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